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the CHASE/harris Septic Corp.

We would like to introduce ourselves. The CHASE/Harris Corp. is a family owned Title 5 septic company, which has been servicing your community for over 70 years.  We offer a full service of tank cleanings, septic system inspections, and products necessary to keep your system running efficiently according to Title 5 standards. Our  knowledgeable staff is at your service for advice and guidance.Our aim is to provide customers with the information they need to maintain a healthy septic system and prevent costly failures.  We look forward to hearing from you. Please remember our motto: "Keepin-U-Goin"


Our office is located at
85 Dudley Road, Sutton MA. 01590


Below you can see our paypal feature, just click and you will get linked over to the paypal website where you can pay your bill via credit card, or paypal account.  Thank you.